About Herrgårdstoppen

Factory sales in Strömsnäsbruk

Herrgårdstoppen AB is a family owned company started in 1990, managed by Morgan Johnsson since 1997.
It is situated in Strömsnäsbruk in Småland in Southern Sweden.

We have more than twenty years experience of chocolate coated marshmallows production and have more recently introduced an assortment of fudge and rice chocolate. In addition to having outstanding products we have great flexibility in our production and ensure on-going product development. This is also why we are considered a preferred partner for private label production.

The products are sold throughout the main retail and foodservice channels in Sweden and we also export to our neighbouring countries. Export is an increasingly important part of our business.

Hinnerydsvägen 37, 287 34 STRÖMSNÄSBRUK

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 09.00 - 19.00

Sat-Sun 10.00 - 19.00

Tel. +46 433 202 00
Fax. +46 433 202 09


Skärtorsdag: 9-19
Annandag påsk:10-19
Alla andra dagar är det öppet som vanligt.